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While achieving a great success in a short span of time, we assure the best quality pharma products at affordable prices. OPi Group (Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturer) is not just another name as a leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer company, however it turned out as a brand known for its superiority, reliability and excellence in the industry.

Following the standardized procedure, we have a huge pharmaceutical manufacturing plant undertaking product manufacturing, packaging and trading to the Indian market. As top pharmaceutical traders in India, we support the needs of our clients. If looking for the brilliant pharmaceutical companies near me, get in touch with OPi Group today and find great services!

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As a fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India, we have more than 300 brand names selling across the country. We are betrothed in manufacturing a range of pharma products that are easily available in the market such as tablets, capsules, injectables, ointments and much more that tested for their effectiveness.

OPi Group holds recognition among top 10 pharma manufacturer in India because of our hard work and dedication. We provide almost every composition to bring new and effective medications as per your needs. So, remember OPi Group when you think of the best pharma companies in India.

The Most Selling Product of Ours

Memopi-HC (Our Star)

An effective, organic night cream for enhancing the glow and radiance. It is perfect for blemish removal, skin lightening, skin whitening, clean skin pores, spot removal and much more. MEMOPI-HC cream is designed superbly which blocks the production of certain chemical messenger causing skin reddening, swelling and itchy skin. It boosts natural glow if used regularly!

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The vast majority of us realize that India has been doing extremely extraordinary in the pharma segment since most recent couple of years. The pharma area of India is developing at an amazing rate. There are numerous reasons that...

There’s almost certain that the declining number of blockbuster medicates available has caused an emotional change in how pharmaceutical organizations work. As the business understands that a blockbuster-driven system isn’t all by itself adequate to drive development, tranquilize organizations...

In the growing digital world, the pharma and healthcare industry is taken up by storm. It is discovered that around 78 for each penny of the general population will get social insurance benefits for all intents and purposes. Truth...


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