Orisan Pharma

The Aura of Purity

The company has a plan to set a higher pitch among Indian pharmaceutical companies. Our product range and other facilities have served the purpose of expanding network of the industry to a wider population and understand minutely the future demands of the market. Moreover, OPI group never compromise with the quality when it comes to the affordability. This leading pharmaceutical company in India is already working to provide affordable healthcare solutions for every single individual nearer to his home.

After successfully serving the Indian society, we are now heading our roots in western and South Asian countries in order to promote an affordable healthcare to all.

Rakesh Goyal

Who We Are

OPI Group is not only the company of its words, but a company who is beyond expectation. As many companies work with a motto to earn profits, OPI is the one who works on the basis of its commitment to serve the best. Being renowned among the top pharmaceutical companies in India, it offers easy availability of medicines at affordable prices.

Since 2001, we are into an industry where promoting healthy lives is the only vision and to conduct our business with rectitude and loyalty is the mission.

Our Division’s

Raym Life Sciences

This is our recent venture, started in 2016 having new, upgraded machines to produce the best pharma products with ease following the right standards.

Aqua Herbal & Cosmetics:

In 2010, Aqua Herbal & Cosmetics has come to an existence where one can find the great infrastructure and manufacturing of an incredible range of pharmaceutical products.

Pace Pharmaceutics:

Since our inception, we always wished to have a great venture that deals with meeting the standards of patient’s requirements. Thus, in 2008 Pace Pharmaceuticals started.

Switziro Life Line:

In the year 2013, Switziro Life Line originated which is as same as other divisions of OPI group. It also undertakes the manufacturing of pharma products in the most productive way.

Aqua Parental:

When it comes to reliability, then this is among the divisions that provide the best pharma solutions since 2008 at affordable prices.

S.S. Healthways:

In 2016, S.S. Healthways is another division established along with Raym Life Sciences. It also offers brilliant quality pharma products at unbeatable prices.

Our Working

We don’t just start it right away!
The expert team considers every single step of
manufacturing to deliver
the finest product in the market.