Foot Clear Cream



✔ Foot Clear Cream is a great formulation for getting back your smooth and softer skin.


✔ This is a great formulation for cracked Dry skin.


✔ It has both Anti-fungal and Antibacterial Properties that help cracks heal very fast.


✔ It has amazing results and within a span of 2-3 days, you will be able to see a more smoother and softer skin on your cracks. It is available in the market in the packaging of 30gm Jar Pack.


✔ It can be also used on Dry Elbows and Knees.


Opigesic Joint Pain Oil


Opigesic Joint Pain Oil is an Ayurvedic Formulation made from 25 Natural Herbs without any side effects.


The 25 Natural Herbs help in relieving the pains which are associated with Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Wrist Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Muscular Stiffness, Neuritis, Lumbago, Osteoarthritis and various other Joint Pains.


Gently Massage 5ml to 10 ml of oil on affected areas 2 times a day. Once during the morning time after taking bath and Second time during the night time before going to sleep. This will give you best results.


The Product is available is Packaging of 60 ml and 120 ml.


Memopi-HC Cream

Memopi- HC cream is a great formulation by OPI Group to help reduce skin hyperpigmentation. It is designed for the individuals who always struggle with the dark spot and circles on their face. The most known causes of the skin hyperpigmentation include excessive sun exposure, acne vulgaris, and allergic reactions. However, people with the dark skin are more prone to such case as their body produces more melanin in the body.

Thus, we create the best formulation to help you give the best cure for all your worries. The Memopi-HC cream is worth in delivering the desired benefits with ease. The cream is made from all natural ingredients offering no side effects. Using the cream on a regular basis you will find an even skin tone that nourishes your beauty in a perfect manner.


Memopi Hc Neem Face Wash

Get rid of troublesome pimples and skin inflammation by simply using the Memopi – HC face wash. It is soap free, herbal formulation that clears contaminations and helps clear pimples. A characteristic mix of Neem and Tulsi unite their antibacterial and antifungal properties to prevent the recurrence of skin break out after some time. The ingredients are natural and perfect for maintaining a good skin health.

It calms dry skin and relieves irritation, redness and aggravation. It likewise enhances general skin wellbeing and resistance, battling bacterial contaminations, for example, skin inflammation, boils and ulcers. For skin break out, Neem handles microscopic organisms from the root and stops the reoccurrence of pimples and imperfections. It likewise holds the skin’s flexibility and makes it supple. The face wash additionally contains solid calming properties, which mitigate your skin.

Memopi Hc Miracle Foaming Face Wash



Memopi HC Foaming Face Wash  is one of the best skin care Face Wash that target the terrible dark spots and black spots on the face. It lightens up those spots and nourishes the skin with glowing and clear skin that you’ll appreciate. Moreover, It is a double action remedy for hyper-pigmentation which reduces the scars, marks, blemishes, post pimples, stretch scars, dark circles under the eyes and also burn scars. This Face-wash is most suitable for oily skin.

Memopi HC Gel

Acne is the most noticeably bad. You don’t know when a breakout will hit the surface; however, it quite often happens just before you have a vital get-together coming up. Acne or a pimple always put the beauty behind the bars which make you conscious about the looks. Therefore, in order to provide you with a right method, Memopi-HC Gel is perfect.

The gel is effectively designed to bring the best results and to provide instant relief from these unwanted pimples. It is a combination of two main components which are so effective in bringing the desired cure. If you’re the one who often encounters this situation, then get the product right away and feel the difference.

Scar Clear Cream


Scar Clear Cream is one of the best Ayurvedic Formulation for Removal of  Skin HyperPigmentation, Black Marks, Face marks during Pregnancy & Post Inflammatory Hyper Inflammation marks. The skin is like a canvas where you can use certain products to enhance its beauty. However, the natural beautiful skin can never be replaced. When the skin gets damaged, no matter how much artificial products you put on it, the original skin can be seen easily. And, in case, if it’s healthy, without the use of makeup you’ll feel fresh and alive.



Having a perfect healthy skin is the result of both inner and outer treatment. The inside health of the skin can be managed by having proper nutritious diet, where the outside skin can be managed by the use of SCAR CARE. It is an effective cream offering brilliant results on your damaged skin and leaves you with satisfaction.


Rely Hair Oil

Rely hair oil is an advanced formulation which contains 21 Ayurvedic herbs. The hair oil is a result of 7 years research and has found to be very effective. It is a root healing complex that goes deep into the roots to enhance their strength. The hair oil promotes lengthy black hair and further reduces dandruff.

For long and beautiful hair, Rely Hair Oil is renowned in the market. Hair fall is the growing problem these days, which is a result of various lifestyle problems such as unbalanced diet, stress, polluted water, hormonal changes and much more. The blend of effective ingredients like herbs, vitamins and minerals boost the hair follicles for supporting the hair health.

Kaminijosh Softgel Capsules

These days, more and more percentage of individuals are encountering problems like lack of libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, declining sperm count and unsatisfactory sex life. To tackle the above given problems our product enhances Vitality & Vigour. Kaminijosh Softgel Capsules are perfect for those men who feel low and lack of energy.

The Capsules are advisable to be taken along with Milk at bed time and one capsule daily is advised to be taken. The capsules show good results and you’ll end having a great and satisfactory experience. The best of this product is it does not have any sort of side effects while offering other great benefits. So, experience, vigour, vitality, stamina and energy the way you always wished it. Take one capsule before going to bed.