Foot Clear Cream



✔ Foot Clear Cream is a great formulation for getting back your smooth and softer skin.


✔ This is a great formulation for cracked Dry skin.


✔ It has both Anti-fungal and Antibacterial Properties that help cracks heal very fast.


✔ It has amazing results and within a span of 2-3 days, you will be able to see a more smoother and softer skin on your cracks. It is available in the market in the packaging of 30gm Jar Pack.


✔ It can be also used on Dry Elbows and Knees.


Best Use For

✔ Getting back your Smooth and Softer Skin.

✔ For cracked Dry skin.

✔ Useful for Cracks on Elbows and Knees.


☞ Urea
☞ Lactic Acid
☞ Propylene Glycol
☞ Light Liquid Paraffin (In Cream Base)