Memopi Hc Cream

Memopi- HC cream is a great formulation by OPI Group to help reduce skin hyperpigmentation. It is designed for the individuals who always struggle with the dark spot and circles on their face. The most known causes of the skin hyperpigmentation include excessive sun exposure, acne vulgaris, and allergic reactions. However, people with the dark skin are more prone to such case as their body produces more melanin in the body.

Thus, we create the best formulation to help you give the best cure for all your worries. The Memopi-HC cream is worth in delivering the desired benefits with ease. The cream is made from all natural ingredients offering no side effects. Using the cream on a regular basis you will find an even skin tone that nourishes your beauty in a perfect manner.


What’s more about it?

Memopi- HC cream is very much effective for all types of skin. You can feel the difference by applying it to the face. But, more importantly, for the best results apply the cream only at night before going to the bed. It repairs the skin effectively at night and you will find the very glowing skin the next morning.

Best Use For:

• Skin Hyperpigmentation • Dark Spots, Dark Circles • Burn Patches • Patches during pregnancy


• Hydroquinone • Tretinoin • Mometasone Furoate