Memopi Hc Miracle Foaming Face Wash



Memopi HC Foaming Face Wash  is one of the best skin care Face Wash that target the terrible dark spots and black spots on the face. It lightens up those spots and nourishes the skin with glowing and clear skin that you’ll appreciate. Moreover, It is a double action remedy for hyper-pigmentation which reduces the scars, marks, blemishes, post pimples, stretch scars, dark circles under the eyes and also burn scars. This Face-wash is most suitable for oily skin.

Best Use For

• It helps mildly cleanses the skin
• It helps keeps skin infection away
• It helps in providing the required nutritions to the skin.

Instruction for application

• Gently Pour Water On Your Face.
• Close Your Eyes And Massage Your Face And Nearby Areas With Foaming Face Wash For 20-30 Seconds.
• Clean Your Face By Applying Water On Your Face and Dry Your Face Using a Towel. Use it Twice a Day.


1. Aloe Vera Extract
2. Salicylic acid
3. Glycolic Acid