Scar Clear Cream


Scar Clear Cream is one of the best Ayurvedic Formulation for Removal of  Skin HyperPigmentation, Black Marks, Face marks during Pregnancy & Post Inflammatory Hyper Inflammation marks. The skin is like a canvas where you can use certain products to enhance its beauty. However, the natural beautiful skin can never be replaced. When the skin gets damaged, no matter how much artificial products you put on it, the original skin can be seen easily. And, in case, if it’s healthy, without the use of makeup you’ll feel fresh and alive.



Having a perfect healthy skin is the result of both inner and outer treatment. The inside health of the skin can be managed by having proper nutritious diet, where the outside skin can be managed by the use of SCAR CARE. It is an effective cream offering brilliant results on your damaged skin and leaves you with satisfaction.


Best Use For

• Improves complexion
• Hyperpigmentation and wrinkles
• Burn marks, scar marks
• Dark circles
• Stretch marks over the skin


The Scar Clear ointment is super excellent nourishing the skin with impressive results. For reliable and instant results gently massage 2-3 times a day and at least once at bed-time. After the usage for a week, you’ll find the visible results and feel confident about your looks.

Also, with the continuous usage get rid of black spots on cheeks and get fair, glowing and complimenting skin tone.


Wheat germ oil