Memopi Hc Face Wash

Get rid of troublesome pimples and skin inflammation by simply using the Memopi – HC face wash. It is soap free, herbal formulation that clears contaminations and helps clear pimples. A characteristic mix of Neem and Tulsi unite their antibacterial and antifungal properties to prevent the recurrence of skin break out after some time. The ingredients are natural and perfect for maintaining a good skin health.

It calms dry skin and relieves irritation, redness and aggravation. It likewise enhances general skin wellbeing and resistance, battling bacterial contaminations, for example, skin inflammation, boils and ulcers. For skin break out, Neem handles microscopic organisms from the root and stops the reoccurrence of pimples and imperfections. It likewise holds the skin's flexibility and makes it supple. The face wash additionally contains solid calming properties, which mitigate your skin.

Soap Free Formula

Memopi-HC is an excellent face wash designed with total soap-free formula. It possesses the richness of Neem and Tulsi extracts which impressively works in giving a clear and pimple free skin. This amazing formula cleanses the skin from dirt, dust and grime, helping you feels fresh and active.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

1. It helps mildly cleanses the skin
2. It helps keeps skin infection away
3. It helps removes excess oil

Directions for use

Memopi-HC facewash is very easy to use for effective results. Take a little amount of gel in your hand and apply it on wet face. After applying, gently massage in circular motion for 1 minute or till the lather is formed. Now, wash off your face with plenty of cold water.


• Saffron Extract
• Sandal Extract
• Neem Extract
• Tulsi Extract
• Silicon Oil
• Propylene Glycol