OPI R&D Center is committed to creating high-quality medicines and works towards novel medication delivery system. It is driven by improvement ability and operational brilliance to make imaginative and viable treatment for the advancement of society.

Today, the accomplishment of OPI R&D Center is ascribed to the abilities of its exceedingly gifted representatives and the workplace. Humanity Research Center elevates cooperation with a specific end goal to create the best medications and is focused on building a more advantageous and more joyful world.

OPI R&D Centre

OPI Group has the best in class R&D Center situated in Kala Amb, India and is controlled by the expert scientists from different fields. OPI R&D Center is centred on development, learning and leading-edge aptitudes. Its improvement abilities incorporate Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Management.

These days, OPI R&D Center has changed into a preparation ground for youthful researchers. Its rich human capital and cutting-edge equipment make us a pioneer in the field of innovative work.

Our Plants & Machines

Our manufacturing plant houses best in class apparatus that are expected to meet the top notch models that we have set for it. We have the latest machinery, apparatuses and all the necessary equipment required to successfully accomplish the entire research task. The quantity of machines is superb that it delivers the best outcomes while meeting the target for the day.

A committed R&D division and Quality Control research facility is an essential piece of the foundation where the researcher, master drug specialists and designers working in tandem to keep up world-class standards through the manufacturing process. The OPI plants have earned WHO and GMP affirmations through the devoted endeavours of the group.

We have various plants around the country in order to manufacture the best and high-quality medicines. All our range incorporates the best composition to help promote healthy lives among the individuals.